Monday, December 19, 2011

Write, Wrote, Written

Hey, folks...time for a little update.   

So the words are thoroughly worded at this point, and now it's time for some reading, reviewing and editing. Pretty damn ecstatic at how the whole thing turned out...I hope I still feel the same after poring over it another three or four times.  At any rate, after I've had my way with it I will be sending it off to some test readers so they can peruse and maybe offer whatever guidance they deem necessary.  And then, we crack open a previously untapped portion of the Joe Brain and figure out what's involved in turning seventy-eight thousand words in a Word document into an electronic book just perfect for your Kindle or your Nook or the tablet/laptop/desktop/phone/personal electronic device of your preference.  Won't be much longer.

Thanks for all who continue to follow.  More to come very soon.

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