Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All Systems: JOE

This is it, kids...2/1/12, the official release date for JOE VAMPIRE in novel form available for your Kindle or Nook e-readers, has arrived.  In his pre-release days, he's already seen some sweet sales activity and has even received a couple of 5-star review on Amazon. 

How's THAT for a dream come true? 

And he's bargain-priced at $2.99, which leaves you at least enough for a venti Drip of the Day.  Maybe even a biscotti to go with it.

Starbucks grub + JOE on your reader = a bitchin' day that rock stars everywhere will envy you for. 

As sweet a ride as it's been getting JOE written, the truly good times are just getting started as people read him all the way through to see where his story goes.  I can honestly say this is the most fun I've ever had writing anything, which has also made it much easier work.  And now you get to let me know if he's as much fun to read as he was to write. 

Reviews on Amazon?  Totally open to them. 

Reviews on Barnes and Noble?  You bet - can't wait to read some. 

Comments on the blog posts?  For sure - I'd love to receive any feedback your willing to offer.

There are some fun promotional things coming up to help spread the word and get you, the audience, to Show Your Joe, so keep checking right here for updates.  Or follow along on Twitter or Facebook.  The blog will also start adding features highlighting other independent authors and posts detailing the processes of writing and publishing indie.  The prospect of promoting JOE is awesome, but it's even cooler to have the opportunity to promote the works of other indies...books I've had a great time being on the reading side of rather than the writing side.  And I've been reading some pretty great stuff lately.     

The party's just getting started, folks.

Thanks muchly for joining in the hoopla.

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