Thursday, February 9, 2012

Give it Away, Give it Away, Give it Away...NOW

So the first round of JoeSwag is on its way from...wherever it is that Cool Stuff comes from these days - probably New Jersey, I would guess.  Or Boise?  I dunno.  Some things are best left a mystery.  Anyhoo, it should all be arriving very shortly, all fresh and hot and wrapped in non-biodegradable petroleum-based plastic.  And in order to Share the Love and disperse the goods in as even a manner as possible, a few give-aways will be happening.


Before your palms get itchy for your swag, you should know that there could be conditions to be met prior to the Distribution of Cool Stuff.  You may be asked to sing; there will possibly be photography involved.  You might even have to bust a little move or two, or put your feelings into verse.  Who knows what might go down?  It's all still being made up as we go along. 

That's usually how the best stuff happens.   

And in return for these antics, what exactly is at stake, you ask, making unintentional yet semi-hilarious vampire wordplay? 

Nothing less than a JoeShirt, made of 100% cotton and total bitchin'ness, bearing the logo and the “Just a dude…” tag line from the cover of the novel.  Wear it wrinkled or iron it out, strap on a sweet piano key tie over it or use it to clean out the Oreo crumbs beneath your coffee table.   Or maybe tuck it into a sweet pair of ill-fitting leather pants, if you want to.  You can tie it in a knot or tie it in a bow - hell, we don't care.  Just as long as you feel three inches shorter and develop an undesired lust for blood when you put it on (all of this makes much more sense if you've read the book). 

If you win, it'll be yours to do with as you wish. 

Sweet, yeah?


The first of the contests is a softball, a simple trivia question about the story...Joe loves trivial stuff, so it’s a perfect place to start.  For everyone who’s read the book, this should be cake; for everyone who hasn’t, now’s your chance to download a copy from Amazon or Barnes and Noble (links at the top of the page) and catch up on your reading. 

The question that begs an answer:  What is the name of the club where Joe’s band is scheduled to play their first real gig? 

That’s it. 

See?  Easy. 

To keep everything fair and square, the lucky winner will be drawn from among entrants who e-mail the correct answer to by midnight MST on Thursday 2/16. The winner will be announced on Friday 2/17 to kick off the weekend in a thoroughly kick-ass way.  So hit the book to find the answer - or fire off an e-mail if you're just that good and you already know – and you just might win your own wearable piece of the JOE VAMPIRE legend.

And tell your friends to get in on the action, too...'cause who doesn't love free shirts - right?

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  1. Damnit joe caint I jes tell ya how purty you is??