Thursday, February 2, 2012

Off and Running

So Joe got off to a pretty incredible start on his first official day in the world as a full-fledged novel.  Just wouldn't be a party without junk food, and there was plenty of that.  Even moved a bunch of copies of the book...just seeing the listing on Amazon and Barnes and Noble was a rush, but seeing sales figures and watching the book jump to the top of the listing was pretty surreal.  Thanks to all who 'loaded a copy!  You guys are the dream.   

And to get everyone into the spirit of the day, there was a slew of Under the Coffee Table Vampire Survival Kits (to survive BECOMING a vampire, not being attacked by one, naturally) handed out to all the daring guys and gals who were game to play along.  The kits consisted of swag that features prominently in the JOE mythos, including (and entirely limited to):  Junior Mints, a sweet pair of Ray Bans, a set of fangs and the instructions to deck yourself out, snap a photo in your gear and Show Your Joe.

And here are the results, in all their sunlight-avoidant, forgot-to-grind-my-fangs down, where-the-hell-are-my-Junior-Mints glory. 

Ryan and Adney had their fangs polished and ready for the photo op.

Julie rocked a righteous vampire attitude - nicely done!

Shannon looks like a movie star...she's got the scarf and everything,
so she must still be getting over the Bite.

Natalie looks like she's totally gotten the hang of modern vampiring.

Dude might have had a few sake bombers too many. 
We all know how THAT turns out.

This one violates Louise's "Hens Only" rule...poor guy.

It was a blast introducing Joe to the world and spreading the good word about what it's really like for an average dude to become a vampire.  Big thanks to everyone who jumped in to help celebrate...good friends, every one of you.

There'll be more JoePacks - along with some other fine swag - to be given away to blog followers, Facebookers and Twitterheads, so stay tuned.  Soon you'll have you're very own opportunity to Show Your Joe. 

Thanks for checking in, yo. 

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