Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Write-In

Making mucho progresso on JOE VAMPIRE 2, and it strikes me that a fun way to get people into the books would be to actually put people into the books.  So I'm launching a contest.  Yeah - another one.

Maybe you can tell: I've never marketed a book before.

This contest is pretty sweet, though, for any Joe lovers out there.

And all I ask is this:  in one hundred words or less tell me what you think one good and one bad real life aspect of becoming a vampire would be.  That's all. Joe talks about it all the time, so if you've read him it should be an easy topic.  I want your take on how bodacious and crap-tastic it would be if This happened to you.  And it doesn't have to be fancy, or polished.  Or in English.  Hell, it doesn't even have to be made out of words - doodle something on a napkin or snap a photograph, if one of those works better for you.  Whatever format you choose, e-mail it to me at by May 1 2012.  On May 2, I'll read them all and pick my favorite (it'll probably be the one that makes me laugh the most...know that).  After the lucky winner has been notified, I'll collect up a little data, determine what the character will be and where he/she will fit in the story (a few possibilities already exist), write it up, and BOOM - you're literature.  You'll even be credited in the acknowledgments, and you'll receive a free copy of JOE 2 - before the full-on release. 

Think about it: a version of you, in print.

Sound sweet?


Don't be too surprised if you see this pushed a lot on Facebook and Twitter.  And feel free to share the happenings with your peeps, and to pass the links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble so they can snag their own copies of JOE VAMPIRE and join in the hubbub. 

So get thinking.  Then get writing...or doodling.  Or what have you. 

Then, get e-mailing.

Can hardly wait to see what you crazy kids come up with.


  1. Wow, this sounds really cool. This has made Joe Vampire next on my 'to read mountain' although it was already pretty high up on it anyway.

    Hope I can come up with something once I've read it and join in.

    Also, thanks for following my blog too :-)

  2. Thanks, Rob - hope you enjoy JOE...can't wait to dig around on your blog and see what it's all about!