Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recovery and Beyond

Haven’t posted much about JOE or Joe lately.  There’s a lot going on for that dude…he’s reaching more and more folks every day.  It’s an awesome feeling, too, lemme tell you. 

And there’s more good stuff coming.

Gearing up for the JOE VAMPIRE relaunch through Booktrope, which will mean not only a newer, cleaner electronic version of the book - it also means JOE will finally be published in paper.  Stoked to see the story in a more real-world form than just shining on my Kindle screen and internet sites.  Digital is awesome magic, but to hold an actual book in my hand will be the ultimate Dream Come True moment for me. 

And I can hardly wait for it.

Which means I have work to do.

As part of the clean-up, JOE will also be getting a new cover, starring a new Joe Vampire.  I’ll be revealing that as soon it’s all jazzed up and I get the go-ahead to do so.  I think you’re gonna like what we’ve come up with.  It’ll make a sweet lead-in for the cover of JOE VAMPIRE 2: THE AFTERLIFE, which is still in the editing phase but should be rolling out hopefully in fall.  Much more to come on that as things progress. 

And then? 

Because two stories about the world’s most sarcastic vampire just didn’t seem complete enough, I’ve come up with an idea for JOE VAMPIRE 3. Note-taking-slash-brain dumping-slash-story mapping will begin soon for that as well. 

Wow.  A trilogy.  That’s a whole lotta JOE going on. 

I hope the world at large can handle it.

I know it’s a boatload of fun coming up with it all. 

More fun will come between all of that…working on a JOE soundtrack to lead you musically through his mindset, and even some tunes that he might have on his own playlist.  This will feature new works by many of the folks you’ve heard me mention around here/Twitter/Facebook, which will make it easy to discover and connect to them yourselves.  I’ll even be gifting some of their tunes to some lucky JoeFolk out there. 

And after the soundtrack?

It's movietime!

Sort of.

We’re gonna play around with a film cast blog post…I’ll be trying to figure out how to get it turned into a movie at some point, and this will sort of play up those hopes.  I may even be soliciting your suggestions for players to step into the roles.  And you might even win something for your efforts.  Cool, huh?

So the small story out of all of this babbling would be: Fun stuff to come, folks.

Stay tuned.

And, as always, thank you for tuning in at all.  And for reading.  And for tweeting, and retweeting, and reviewing, and recommending.    

You are the magic, for sure. 

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