Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reader Spotlight: Stephanie Fuller

Any author worth his or her weight in words will tell you: readers are what matters – especially to independent authors and publishers.  The readers come after the equals sign in the “How to Become an Author” equation.  You can spend a dozen years and as many cases of (insert alcoholic beverage of choice) writing your magnum opus, but until someone else reads it, the magic lies dormant.  Likewise, you can market like a fiend, but if you can’t reach readers, you’re cooked.   Once you have a reader to put eyes on your wordcraft, though, the connection has made.  Not always a good connection, mind you, but a connection nonetheless.  And when a book becomes successful – a best-seller, even -  it is because readers have bought it, and read it, and likely passed the good word on to other readers.

They’re the ones who really deserve the spotlight, aren’t they? 

They should get a huge round of applause and a resounding “Thank you for helping my dream come true”, right?

Damn right. 

Case in point: Stephanie Fuller. 

We connected on Twitter through a common friend (another indie author Ben Wallace…see what a supporter she is?) and Stephanie *reluctantly* agreed to read JOE VAMPIRE.  Turns out she really liked it, and she spread the word to her other Twitter friends and posted an Amazon review, and then through me connected with my pal Jesse James Freeman and read HIS awesome book BILLY PURGATORY: I AM THE DEVIL BIRD.  Jesse and I agreed: we may have written the books, but without people like Stephanie we’d still be begging our friends and family to read them…again.  He’s interviewed her on his hilarious blog here, and now I’m asking her some “Get to Know Stephanie Better” questions on Joe’s blog.  She threw me some spectacular answers, too.  Take a look. 


Bullet me out 5 single-word qualities that best describe YOU:
(I added more cause I couldn’t narrow it down to 5...sorry...maybe I should add      “indecisive” too? *giggle*)
·         Geeky
·         Loyal
·         Sweet
·         Funny
·        Inquisitive
·         Flirty
·         Awesome

The Fuller family consists of: Me (awesomest person in the world!), Matt (the husband person), Jillian (6 year old Kidlet) and Isis the WonderKitty (the older “sister” of Jillian). Just met Matt on Twitter the other day…dude’s awesome, too!

Stephanie Fuller likes nothing better in the world than to spend her time: reading a good book or watching a good movie. I’ll take either. Books always come first though. Unless it involves a hot guy...then movie. Unless the book is pretty steamy...then book. Some days I wish I could do both at the same time when it becomes so difficult to decide.

English major…explain: I’m not an English Major. I’m a Communications Major. I’m not exactly sure what the difference is, but there is a difference. Oh yes. I think my degree is basically what the “jocks” took in college. I’m not athletic. Unless you count Marching Band. And breathing. Back on track, Stephanie...Well, when in college I wasn’t able to make Music my Major, so I had to find something else that interested me. I didn’t want Elementary Education because a room full of someone else’s children probably would make me crazy. I ended up taking this “Public Speaking” class with the husband person (or maybe at the time he was still the boyfriend person??? or the fiancé person???) and I absolutely LOVED it! No matter how nervous I was, I would give these speeches without so much as a glitch. It was awesome! And I decided to start working towards a Communications degree. No specific area, but I’ve been able to apply things I’ve learned in my studies to my every day life and work. Like answering interview questions. *wink*  This is even more hilarious-er, since I really thought she’d said she had an English degree.  I should listen better…

A Day in the Life of Stephanie Fuller…go! Which day are we talking about? Fair warning...I’m boring. Right now...I get up whenever my eyes alarm! I trudge out and turn my laptop on and check all the internet stuff (Email, Facebook, Twitter---the trifecta!). I spend a lot of my day playing on Twitter...I really hate admitting that in print for everyone to see...ha! I have a 6 year old running around all day, I NEED adult interaction! And coffee! So...Twitter is always on in the background as I do stuff around the apartment. Skip ahead...I work part time as an Assistant Manager at a women’s clothing store that shall remain nameless (lest they come after me for mentioning their name, kind of like Voldemort). I usually do closing shifts that start about 4pm. So, 4-close I’m at work. I get home. Flip on laptop...guess what...catch up on Twitter as fast as possible (Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am a Twitter addict...) Hang out with the husband person, read, watch tv or a movie are other things I may do depending on time and interest. That’s basically my day. See, boring. Weekends get mixed up a bit...especially if I’m doing something with my family or friends. ESPECIALLY when Sarah is involved. Sarah is just as awesome as I am. Although, she’d probably tell you she is MORE awesome than me. Don’t believe her.

You can insert yourself into any period in human history.  When, and why?
I would love, love, love to have been able to hear Beethoven perform two specific pieces. #1 - Sonata No. 8, Op. 13 in C minor “Pathetique” - I especially love the 2nd movement. and #2 - Sonata No. 14, Op. 27, No 2 in C-sharp minor “Moonlight Sonata”. You can feel so much emotion in them. To hear them performed by Beethoven, himself, would be the most amazing thing in the world. When I hear either of these pieces...either in movies or just at random (or when I seek them out in my collection) I just zone out and listen. And they both practically bring me to tears every time. I’ve been playing piano a long time, but I have a different background in my training (more religious), but these pieces...always make me appreciate the music from our past.

Money becomes no object to you.  What does your life look like? Honestly, I’d buy a house. I’ve never owned a house. I rented one for a year, but that was it. I hate apartments and am so sick of living in them (moved into my first one with my mom and brother when I was in Kindergarten). And my house would have a big “Craft/Reading/Quiet Time Room” A safe haven for me to relax and enjoy my craftiness/reading/whatever the heck I want in quiet (it would be soundproofed too). And a pool...yes...a big one! With a nice privacy fence around Ooooh...and a big picture window so I can put up a HUGE Christmas tree with lots of white lights (I love seeing those type of trees from the road!!!). Can you tell how much I’ve thought about this? Also, I’d pay off all my debt, and the debt of those I love ( aren’t asking me for money already are you???) After those 2 things...I’d probably not do much different than what I’m already doing. Just having fun and spending time w/those that I love and doing things we enjoy as a family.

The three most significant creative works (art/music/literature/film/television) to be stowed in a vault and shot into space to best represent the human race would be: (I’ll be good this time and only do 3 *shakes head no*)

1.   The Complete Series of Doctor Who
2.    Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”
3.    Dirty Dancing (but not Havana Nights) AND Grease (but not Grease 2)
4.    (Sorry...had to add another one!!!) The two Beethoven pieces mentioned above
and I’m adding another one

5.    Joe Vampire! (Gotta kiss up a little bit here, right?)  Absolutely ;)

When Stephanie Fuller, jet-setting movie star, opts for an incognito stay at a posh resort, she chooses the pseudonym: Rose Tyler because she is better than Amy Pond! (You hear that Jesse James Freeman!!!)

The Stephanie Fuller memoir, published on her 97th birthday, is entitled: That’s ‘Miss’ Chanandelor Bong! The story of me, my life and FRIENDS.

And the highlights include:  
-How I Met My Husband
-Tales from the Twitter
-My Favorite TV show of all time (FRIENDS) and how it changed my life
and last but not least
-The day Sarah and I defeated the alien overlords.

Any stray words, random phrases or errant fun stuff you’d like to say?  The blog is yours…run wild: He he he...let’s see here...
Toe pick!, Guffawkle, Sisterwives, Dude!!!, Glitter Cannon, Electric Boogaloo, Boom,
Benedict Cumberbatch...oh yeah...and Boobs.


I really don’t think this could have gone any better.  And now, you and I BOTH know a lot more about Stephanie, a fan of JOE, who now has a fan in me. 

Huge thanks for all the support, Stephanie, and for keeping it fun in the Tweetmosphere.

You’ve helped make the dream come true, for sure!

Go follow her, kids - @ImaFuller.  Totally necessary clicking there.


  1. Can I just say this is one of the funnest interviews I've ever seen? And I've heard beautiful things about @Imafuller before, but now I feel like I *know* her a little bit. And she sounds like so much fun! Thanks, Steven, for hosting such an entertaining time!