Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quid Pro JOE

It's well-known in publishing circles that the best way for a new author to build a reputation is through word-of-mouth from their readers...and the best way for an author to capture that is through book reviews.  Reviews are vital, and we can't get enough of them. And to be honest, we authors understand they're not the funnest thing in the world to do.  It's difficult to know what to say, let alone compose it in written form, whether you liked every word or hated the thing from cover to cover. And knowing people will be reading what you've said can be daunting, even if you conceal your identity with a clever screen name.  

But you should know how much authors appreciate your words.

Good or bad. 

I'll kinda let you in on a little secret, something maybe slightly less known outside of publishing circles, but understood by every author who ever put pen to paper or fingers to keys and cranked out their own small version of the great American novel: our stories don't actually exist until someone else reads them.  It's true.  We can click-clack away all day long, inventing characters and scenarios that we think are thrilling or hilarious or horrifying.  But in order for any of it to truly spring from the page, we need someone else's eyes soaking it all up.

You are that someone.

You bring our stories to life. 

And when you let us know how you feel about what we've created through your reviews, you also let other readers know that our books have been read.  And your words help others understand our words, even before they get a chance to look beyond the cover.

That's powerful stuff, folks.

And it's your power. 

Here's another secret: authors love reviews.  We live for feedback, and your assessment of our work is just what we need. It doesn't have to be lengthy; two sentences explaining what you thought of the story are plenty.  

In fact, they're invaluable. 

JOE VAMPIRE is looking to build his repertoire of reviews, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads.  But Joe and I both know that this kind of "take" can't exist without some measure of "give" to balance it out.  If you happen to be one of the dream-makers who've bought or downloaded a copy and have read it (and, sincerely, kindest gratitude to each and every one of you who have) and you're willing to compose and post even a single-sentence review, I'm going to send you a copy of Post 1 from JOE VAMPIRE 2: THE AFTERLIFE, due this fall from Booktrope Editions.  

A little quid pro Joe. 

This for that, as the Dude Vampire likes to say.  

In return for your time and trouble, you'll get to be among the first to find out what happened to Joe after the blog ended. Cool enough? 


I don't think so either.

I'm gonna throw in Post 2, also.  

Send your posting name to joevampiretheblog@gmail.com and lemme know that you've reviewed him, and the two blog posts will be in your inbox just as fast as the data can travel through the cable.  It's my way of saying thanks for all the support you folks show on a daily basis.

Whether you recognize it or not, you really are the magic.

Thank you.

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