Friday, September 28, 2012

M.R. Merrick's RELEASE Cover Reveal - BOOM!

If you've caught me on Twitter or Facebook, you've seen me giving props to Matthew (M.R.) Merrick and his fantastic Protector Series, a double-play of sweet as pie demon hunting fantasy-action-adventure. The story follows Chase Williams as he discovers his destiny, battles an advancing evil that hits awfully close to home and figures out his bond with the stunning Rayna, all while learning to control his growing powers. Each book is a full-on roller coaster ride, a sure-fire bet for fantasy fans of all ages. Matt was one of my first followers on the Twitter, and watching his career as an author develop over the last year has been nothing short of astounding. He's got a dedicated online following and is in superb standing with the online book blogging community. And did I mention he's fully independent with all of this? Yep - self-published, self-marketed, self-made. Indie all the way.

Brother has the start of an empire going on.

And he's looking to expand it very soon...

RELEASE, the third book in the series, is due to hit shelves on December 10. Matt was kind enough to extend an invitation to be part of the cover reveal, and I jumped at the chance. The first two covers are works of art in their own rights; as a set, they tell a visual story that adds a fun layer of magic to the words on the pages. And the third cover continues the trend. No further ado, kids...get a load of this beauty right here:

After uniting the shifters and calling in reinforcements, Chase has to face his toughest challenge yet: learning to control his emotions. But as tensions rise and his powers grow, controlling his emotions becomes the least of his problems.

Terrorized by a multi-shifter who is hell-bent on turning him, Chase questions just how far he’s willing to go to stop his father.  Meanwhile, Tiki’s virtuous nature has placed him in the middle of Vincent’s past, leaving Chase to oppose a senate of vampires and defend a demon he hates.

Trying to balance his friends, his enemies, and his inner demons, Chase is left searching for answers about the Mark, his destiny, and where he can find the next soul piece. Stopping Riley is his top priority, but as more obstacles arise, he finds himself doubting all the decisions he’s made - especially regarding Rayna.

One thing is for certain: Chase has finally realized that he doesn’t know anything. The light doesn’t always quell the darkness, the monsters don’t always stay in the shadows, and the past doesn’t always stay in the past - sometimes, the demons inside are the hardest to fight.


Now THAT'S how you make a book cover, folks!

The new cover points back at much that has happened in the first two acts in the saga, and leads you headlong into the next one. And if you haven't discovered Matt's books yet, now's your chance to grab both EXILED and SHIFT and read 'em up. That way, you'll be all ready for RELEASE when it's - yep - released.

You know how we feel about word play around here. 

Couldn't pass that one up.

Matt also recently relaunched his website MRMerrick.netThe visuals are a fantastic extension of the covers, and you can keep up with all the Protector happenings coming up for the launch.

Too much magic up in that place. 

Make sure you check it out. 

Congratulations Matt, on all the success up to this point, and all that's coming for you from here on out. Can't wait to read RELEASE and see what kinds of wild stuff you've come with this time!

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