Monday, October 29, 2012


It’s been a pretty huge while since new stuff hit the blog. Busy times around here…finishing up edits for JOE VAMPIRE: THE AFTERLIFE, turning in the manuscript for production, prepping the new cover, and chipping away at a whole bunch of other writerly happenings that I’ll be sharing with you as details emerge. But now, it’s time to jump back into a slew of other antics centered around the dude vampire. In fact, let’s just go ahead and do stuff all month long.

And let’s call the month JOEVEMBER.

Why not?

If the Mayan calendar thing shakes out, we won't have another chance to use that kind of wordplay.

We’re covering all the bases, folks – including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Interviews with Joe and Chloe from the JOE VAMPIRE cover AND the artist who made the cover all magical-like
  • A JOE book trailer
  • Bonus content, including two preview posts from JOE VAMPIRE: THE AFTERLIFE and a new post now designated for the third JOE VAMPIRE novel
  • A sneak peek at the AFTERLIFE cover
  • Guests posts from some incredibly talented folks who just so happen to be great friends, too
  • Reader Spotlights, where YOU get a chance to shine in the blogosphere
  • Give-aways - because who doesn’t love to get stuff for free? (And there’s some REALLY cool stuff this time)
  • Character conversations, a petting zoo *, video of live JOE events, circus acrobats**, author features, virtual Burning Man*** and a super-special expansion of the Joe Vampire universe…this one is pretty radical
  • More, more and – that’s right - MORE! Seems impossible, it's totally true****

If it turns out the fun is more than one month can hold, we'll just let it all spill over into December...though we'll try to refrain from calling that Joecember, since that just sounds silly.

Actually, we like it silly around here. So maybe we will.

Let's leave the door open for that.

In fact, let's just say we'll keep the ball rolling until the release of JOE VAMPIRE: THE AFTERLIFE, how 'bout?

Sounds like a plan from this side of the screen.

Make sure to watch for all the Tweets from @JoeVampireBlog and Facebook alerts announcing new posts. Better yet, become a follower and subscribe to the blog, and you’ll get an e-mail every time new content is added. 

One way or another, you'll be plugged in for all the good times.

Thanks for checking in, folks. 

We're about to get this show on the road.

*There won't actually be a petting zoo...that is clearly an exaggeration.
**Acrobats on a blog? How would this even work? 
***As much as I love the idea...virtual Burning Man? Seriously? No.
****Obviously, though, not the parts about the zoo, the acrobats or Burning Man.

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