Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wrapping it Up

It was a big week in Joeville, folks. 

The biggest, actually.

Serious gratitude to everyone who Facebooked, blogged, tweeted and retweeted, chattered and told friends and spread the word in all the different ways that you did on Red Tuesday (and Red Wednesday...and Red Thursday). It went so far beyond what I'd imagined it would. You and your awesomeness pushed JOE VAMPIRE to #23 on Amazon's Free chart AND #1 in Comic Fiction. He also snuck into the lucky #13 spot on the Non-Fiction charts...we're still not clear as to why he's even been categorized there, but we were happy to see him in the top 20 regardless. 

Sincere thanks for all of your help with this, kids!

JoeFolk are the best folk of all.

And Red Wednesday was an extra-special occasion: in addition to being free for Kindle, we held the first ever JOE VAMPIRE book signing and found Team Joe a slew of new friends. Regardless of what the blog says, he's not hiding from the world anymore. In fact, the dude vampire himself made a special appearance to meet and greet the people...

Surreal, people...surreal.
Fiction, or non-fiction?
Good luck telling the difference now.

Deanna bought a copy...we loaded her down with swag, too.

He usually tries not to do stuff like this,
but sometimes the temptation is too much.

See? Perfectly harmless...
Thanks to Ryan Ashbaugh for showing up and bringing Joe into the third dimension. It was pretty awesome watching people realize that the guy from the cover was actually standing behind the table.  And a special thank you goes out to my good friend Jill Booher, who not only secured the table for the signing, but also helped me organize the whole thing, bought wax fangs to help ply the crowd, and hung out with me the whole time, hyping JOE to the masses. We moved a boxful of paperbacks - not always an easy feat in the e-reader era - and a bunch of advertisement cards for the Kindle version PLUS many boxes of Junior Mints, all because of her enthusiastic  salesmanship. Big thanks, Monkey're just too damn cool.

Thanks, Monkey - you're awesome!

In addition to all the weekly fun, the comment contest on the blog came to an end on Saturday. I documented my process of having my kids draw a name from the list of might want to get your protective eyewear on for this, folks. This is real-live science here.

The Names of the Awesome.
These are like the elements or something.

We used chemistry scissors to cut them up
into molecules and then put them into the
Bunsen Honeydew Whiskey Glass of Science.

My Science Sidekick Luna Jr. extracted the winner
 (he should be wearing science gloves,
but sometimes we throw caution to the
Erlenmeyer Flask and go in barehanded).

GeHi = George Hilbert, the winner of a
paperback copy of JOE VAMPIRE. 

See folks? Science. 


Let's see Bill Nye pull off something like that.

George's winning comment from the blog: 

The worst part about being a vampire has to be that "burning by the sun" thing...No possibility of morning sex; No more sleeping in til noon; Enjoying a bikini beach is pretty much out; and just about the time the party gets going good, you have to leave to go to bed alone.

Great points! You can tell he's thought about the whole vampire gig all the way through. Thanks to everyone who entered with your awesome guys really "get" Joe and his plight, and that makes him feel much less alone in the vampmosphere. 

Congratulations to Mr. Hilbert on being the Higgs-Boson of the JOE VAMPIRE Paperback Blog Giveaway!

JOEVEMBER rolls along, kids.

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