Thursday, December 6, 2012

Q&A with Jody Quine

Jody Quine embodies the indie music movement spirit. She’s recorded and performed solo – producing and directing her own music video, even . She’s lent her dulcet tones to the hypn-exotic techno textures of Balligomingo, and woven some majorly haunting vocal spells over the magical electronica of Sleepthief.

Yes, people: haunting vocal spells.

For a while now she’s been tearing it up with her own singer-songwriter compositions, performing weekly on Thursday Night Live on, a site dedicated to contribution-based webcast performances. It’s like she has her own TV show broadcast from her own living room that you get to tune into directly - and she gets to say whatever she wants about anything.

And she does!

It’s so awesome.

She and her bass player Matt Wilson chat warmly and spontaneously with each other and their guests as they perform their tunes.  It’s like hanging out in a lounge, but you don’t have to leave your home or get out of your pajamas.  MTV was never this cool. I tapped into her music as my writing tunes during the creation of JOE VAMPIRE: THE AFTERLIFE and realized how much her sound magic balances my branial hemispheres and puts me in the proper flow for writing. It was such an amazing phenomenon that I decided she had to be in the book. So she is.

Also: she’s in book 3.

She might even be turned into a vampire.

But it’ll be okay. Things like that have the potential to work out for the best in JoeVille.

In addition to all that, she’s become a great friend, and a staunch supporter of the dude vampire and his zany misadventures. She’s just too rad, folks. And so she can keep her indie spirit rolling, she’s launched a PledgeMusic campaign to crowd-fund her new recording project and complete her mission to take over the world.

It’s gonna happen.

Some things, you can just feel.

To let you all in on some stuff you might not know about her, I asked Jody some questions. She gave me back some amazing answers. Check it out.


Major key, or minor? Alas, MINOR!!  I'm still in that emotional place with my writing. Very singer/songwriter female angst stuff, lol!  I LOVE MINOR!

Comedy led to music for you…discuss them both:  When comedy or music is done right they illicit such a real response that there's nothing like it. I am a part of creating an energy exchange that is so human and so moving. Comedy led to music for me more so because I was in an environment with talented people expressing themselves in many different ways, which allowed me the opportunity to do the same. When I've been singing too long I find my way back to comedy, and when I've had my share of laughter the songs always find their way out. Even during my shows, I can have a run of really torchy or sad songs and in between I'm being a bit audacious; the laughter has to exist too. They are mirrors for one another in me.

Your favorite non-Jody song to cover live:  I don't do that many covers actually so that's a tough one…I used to sing Amazing Grace at the end of all my shows to thank the room, and I really enjoy singing Adele songs in my laundry room.

Self-taught as a musician, or lessons?  Self-taught.  I quit on my first piano teacher at the age of 6 and then I had 2 piano teachers quit on me but OH! I was in band in junior high and jumped around a few instruments. Clarinet, sax, flute, trumpet…  so I have some musical training but no real education on how to do what it is I do.

Charitable causes near and dear to your heart? Not specifically. I know I believe in empowering people and supporting children and it provides young people who are living on the street a place to stay where they can get food, clothing, a shower, medical attention, and a safe bed. It is a place of sanctuary and structure so they can make more positive choices about their own futures. I also to a lot to help out Beauty Night which builds self-esteem and changes lives of women and youth living in poverty through wellness, life skills development and makeovers.

What grounds you as a human being? Nature is big. Quiet moments for sure. But I'd say the biggest one is my children. They definitely keep me grounded.

What stirs you as an artist? Moments of authenticity. In life or art. Real moments, raw and honest, or funny and vulnerable. People being true to their inner self.

Fill us all in on your upcoming projects: I've started writing with Ryan Farish for his next project. We have 1 song done and a couple others brewing. I'm looking forward to recording with him in the new year. Of course Justin Elswick (Sleepthief) and I are very good friends and we're always talking about the next possible collaboration.

The biggest thing I'm working on and am most excited for is a PledgeMusic campaign to record my solo material. I have 7 songs written and I'm more than ready to record and put out there the sound that has been brewing inside Me! So if I can raise enough money then I should be recording that as well in the new year with a summer/fall release!

Money becomes no object. Your most frivolous purchase is: A jet that I pack full of my family and my best friends Matt+Krista and their littles, and we travel the globe experiencing the world and great foods (and probably wines) from everywhere! I guess I like to purchase experiences and adventure! Oh!!! And I can't be certain but I might want to also purchase a vampire stolen heartbeat? You tell me Steven!!


Whoa - a heartbeat for Joe Vampire?

See, kids.

Jody is the coolest.

Her PledgeMusic campaign kicked off last week and she’s already sailing toward the 50% mark. I think we can help get her all the way there. So I’m making an offer here: if anyone reading this pledges and is interested in having an electronic copy of JOE VAMPIRE, I’ll gift you a copy for your Kindle or Kindle app for your computer or phone. That way, Jody gets to make more incredible music and you get to see the set-up for JOE VAMPIRE: THE AFTERLIFE that features her music as the inspiration for Joe’s music.

It’s the circle of life…and it moves us all.

Go forth and pledge.

And you can sign up for her newsletter here, Twitter with her here, Facebook with her here, and connect with her for Thursday Night Live here. The show is on hiatus for a bit, but it’ll be back in no time. It’s always a great evening. Tune in and find out for yourself.

Thanks for the fun times, Jody!

Can’t wait for all the awesome on its way for you.

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