Friday, January 4, 2013

Synopsize This

Wondering what JOE VAMPIRE: THE AFTERLIFE is all about? Here's the blurb from the back cover to give you an idea:


So…yeah. It’s me again. America’s most sarcastic vampire.

I’m back on the blog. It’s been a while - about a year, if we need to get into specifics. Which I usually do. It’s just a thing with me.

A lot has happened since we last chatted – some good, some bad. All worthwhile, in the grand scheme. I’ve dealt with the whole Living Dead trip long enough now to know how to keep it from taking over my life. What I’m still figuring out is how to keep it from wreaking havoc on everyone else’s lives. It’s a roller coaster, for sure, but I’m convinced that waiting for me somewhere on the other side of the Other Side is a real-life life, not just some artificially-sweetened half-life substitute. I want a family. I want my music.

I want the dream come true, not the dream fell through.

And I’m determined to have it, regardless of how eternal this afterlife thing might be. But it’s a hell of a lot to keep track of. Barring any unforeseen developments that might undo all my vampirosity, I may have to grow up a little in order to get it all to work out. I’m ready for that, though.

As fun as it might seem to hang with the Lost Boys, I can’t be Peter Pan-pire forever.


Sounds like Joe's up to his antics again, huh? Well, he is...but it's a bit different for him this time. The stakes are a little higher all the way around the table. Brother's had a fun time hiding from the world while he figured out how to be a vampire without actually having to act like one. Now, he's getting a little more comfortable being out and about. That doesn't mean things are gonna be easy. Lucky for him he has sarcasm on his side. 

Lucky for us, too.

Won't be much longer and you'll be able to dig in and find out for yourself.

It's close now, folks. So very, very close.

More to come.


  1. Okay, ready for the book....Bring. It! Seriously!!!

  2. You're a very cool harbinger of things to come, Steven!

  3. Here's the new book. Http://