Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween and the Dude Vampire

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. Then the whole vampire trip started up, and Night of the Living Deadbeat became a daily occurrence. Suddenly, being a sugar-addicted, blood-dependent ghoul didn't seem like so much fun. So when Bo and Lucy invited me to their Hallowaaane party, it took everything in me not to RSVPee in their punchbowl. I blogged all about it, because...well, you know me. That's what I do. Halloweenie is now available for Kindle, and it's only .99. That's a pretty sweet deal. In fact, none of the books about me go higher than the 2.99 mark for e-copies. Makes it real cheap to check out my inane ramblings and sad-larious misadventures, doesn't it?

Sure it does.

You can even pick up three of these beauties - Night Falls, Joedaism, and A Very Joe Vampire Holiday - in one tidy package, tucked away in what I call my Box O' Shorts

Oh, the wordplay! 

And check out the cover in the lower right-hand corner there...the one called The Alpha Bet? That one is coming shortly. It adds an interesting new figure to the Joe Vampire Universe. He may even get a few stories of his own, if he plays his cards right.

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